Coming Soon! Matwaala Anthology of South Asian Poets!

Cheers to Muses: Contemporary Works 

by Asian American Women

Uncommon Core: Contemporary Poems for Learning and Living

An Anthology of poems

published by Neutral Zone

and Red Beard Press, Ann Arbor, MI,

and also a Teacher's Guide.

​​Broken Circles:

A gathering of poems for hunger

Cave Moon Press, Yakima, WA. Edited by Douglas P. Johnson.

Joys of the Table:

An Anthology of Culinary Verse

Richer Resources Publications, Arlington, VA. Edited by Sally Zakaria

A Bird in the Hand:

Risk and Flight

Outrider Press

in affiliation with Tall Grass Writers Guild, Chicago.

Edited by Whitney Scott.


Water Music: The Great Lakes State Poetry Anthology, Poetry Society of Michigan

Zilka Joseph