Zilka Joseph

Upcoming: The Yearbook of Indian Poetry, Converse: Poetry by Indians in English, Kaleidoscope.

The Kali Project: Invoking the Goddess Within,

Indian Women's Voices

Indie Blue Publishing

The Kali Project is a nearly 600 page collection of some of the most famous Indian poets and writers and artists in the world, as well as acolytes, children, teens, and new writers, coming together to create a groundbreaking anthology of writing and art.
The purpose of The Kali Project is to highlight inequality in all forms, speaking to sexism, racism, caste-inequality, gender, income, education. The value of these potent poems and artworks will be immediately obvious and we really hope you will consider being part of The Kali movement by purchasing a copy and leaving a review.

The Kali Project is available on Amazon


Book Depository, Barnes & Noble, Bookswagon and other major online book retailers. It is also our pleasure to offer The Kali Project in both hard cover and paperback editions through Pothi for readers in India.

101 Poems for the Third Jewish Millennium

The book can be currently found at SPD.


Respect: An Anthology of Detroit Music Poetry 
Published by Michigan State University, edited by M.L. Liebler (Wayne State University) and Jim Daniels (Carnegie Mellon University)

Matwaala Online Anthology of South Asian Poets!


Cheers to Muses: Contemporary Works 

by Asian American Women


Uncommon Core: 

Contemporary Poems for Learning and Living

An Anthology of poems

published by Neutral Zone

and Red Beard Press, Ann Arbor, MI,

and also a Teacher's Guide.




​​Broken Circles:

A gathering of poems for hunger

Cave Moon Press, Yakima, WA. Edited by Douglas P. Johnson.     


Joys of the Table:

An Anthology of Culinary Verse

Richer Resources Publications, Arlington, VA. Edited by Sally Zakaria

A Bird in the Hand:

Risk and Flight

Outrider Press

in affiliation with Tall Grass Writers Guild, Chicago.

Edited by Whitney Scott.



Water Music: The Great Lakes State Poetry Anthology, Poetry Society of Michigan