Zilka Joseph

Manuscript Consultation and Critiques:

I offer manuscript critiques and comprehensive edits, and advice on craft and development; preparation of almost-finished/finished manuscripts for submission and for publication. I also offer developmental editing of manuscripts, professional papers, college applications/essays, portfolios etc. and detailed critiques of manuscripts (any genre).

Cost includes meeting time, phone, Skype/Zoom or email discussion relating to work/coaching. An initial half an hour meeting recommended for discussion of a longer term project. Time required for critique will depend on the length of the manuscript, for e.g. one or a set of poems, or a prose piece/pieces, and the time it will take to write comments and suggestions. A detailed description will be provided once you discuss your project with me. Proofreading services are not included. Fee: $60 an hour. 

Please send inquires to zilzone8@gmail.com with "Inquires for Critiques or Private Coaching" in the subject line.

Testimonial available here: http://www.zilkajoseph.com/testimonials.html​

Manuscript Coaching: 

Manuscript coaching--advice on how to create a collection of poems, short stories, to shape a novel, a collection of creative non fiction pieces or a full-length non fiction or memoir, text book or hybrid manuscript at any stage of the process; detailed critique and advice on craft and development; preparation of almost-finished/finished manuscripts for submission and for publication.

Proofreading services are not included. 

Overall critique of manuscript/suggestions: $60 an hour, could vary depending on length of manuscript, services required and detail involved. An initial one-on-one meeting to discuss plans recommended, $30 for half an hour. Discussion over phone or Skype can also be arranged.
Please send an inquiry with a brief outline of your project, goals and needs to zilzone8@gmail.com
with "Inquires for Manuscript Consultation" in the subject line.

Private Classes and Coaching

Do you want to study and write at your own pace? Where are you at with your current writing? Where do you want to go? I can help you on your journey and we can go as fast or slow as you like! You may be someone who is just beginning to write and is curious, or someone who wants to study and write for pleasure, or wants to publish a book.  Or maybe you want to enroll for an MFA in creative writing. Whatever your goal or dream, contact me for an initial discussion!

Your goals are most important to me. I tailor my workshops or class according to the needs and goals of an individual writer or a writing group. I teach professional and specially designed classes on literature, the art and craft of writing poetry, fiction and creative nonfiction, and other genres. Create your own project!  Or if you'd like me to do a workshop on a specific topic for your writing group, contact me! 

Coaching/Tutoring: I also work with high school students, college students, and professionals who are writing a paper or a book.

Please send an email to zilzone8@gmail.com with "Inquires for Coaching" in the subject line.

For my references please see Testimonials page: http://www.zilkajoseph.com/testimonials.html